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7 Healthy Herbal Teas For Weight Loss

Healthy herbal teas for weight loss

Tea is one of the most favorite hot beverages around the world. The most basic ingredients you need are just water and tea leaves. The aroma of tea brewing may be the most stress-relieving aroma to exist naturally. Herbal tea is considered to be one of the most nutritious drinks for health. 

People tired of losing weight are well aware of the most popular benefits of herbal tea are epic weight loss. Thinking to melt the stubborn fat? Then forget the black teas and white teas, switch to herbal teas right away.Herbal tea for weight loss is not only a popular method but also one of the most common home remedies to ever exist

Is herbal tea good for weight loss?

China is quite a popular country known for its stape food choices - including their tea. For every tea variety that every exists, each plays a certain role play for effective weight loss. While some herbal teas fasten the metabolism, some may revive your digestive system that is equally helpful in weight loss. Some of the other benefits of herbal tea include; 

  • High rate metabolism 
  • Stress relief 
  • Helps migraine 
  • Improves sleep at night 
  • Quell hunger
  • Slash waist-widening stress
  • Shrink fat cells!

Best herbal teas for weight loss -The journey towards a slimmer waistline

  1. Bitter Sweet Herbals 

A herbal tea should not only slim down the waistline but also improve the metabolism right? So if you are looking for a herbal tea that reduces the inflammation and removes the mucus from the body - choose Bitter Sweet Herbals. 

The medicinal properties engage your immune system against fat induction. The best thing about consuming this tea is that it also revitalized your energy too! So take a sip of the Bitter Sweet Herbal Tea in the morning or evening, you will love the taste and the, of course, regular use will help you to shred fat too. 

However, do remember to exercise at least thrice a week for better results. 

  1. Green Tea

One of the most common herbal teas you can easily found in a store is green tea. According to the substantial evidence drinking green tea on a daily basis promotes weight loss. In fact, green tea is considered to be one of the best fitness herbal tea. 

According to one study people who drank green tea for 12 straight weeks lost around 7.3 pounds! It reduced their body fat, body weight, and the waistline too. Green tea is high in catechins (a natural antioxidant) which prompts the metabolism into action that results in faster weight loss. 

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  1. Chinese Black Tea

Also known as the Puerh Tea, it is one of the fermented teas used aggressively for weight loss. It is popular for its peculiar taste and aroma. According to the research, if you take Chinese black tea after consuming a meal then it tends to act faster. 

Although excessive use may lead to lower blood sugar levels, you need to use it once a day. If the taste is lost on you, you can even use the Puerh tea capsules that are considered a weight-loss substitute.

 Because of anti-obesity properties found in the tea, the results from drinking Chinese black tea help to suppress weight loss. 

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  1. Black tea 

You may think that black tea is not thebest herbal tea for weight loss but that’s not the entire truth. 

Black tea has undergone a lot of experimentation in Europe and Pacific Asian countries for strong flavors. The variation has caused black tea more oxidation than any other tea. Hence the reason why the color of the tea leaves is dark. 

So if you actively seek to shred weight for good, you can try a variety of black teas available in the market like Earl Grey or English Breakfast (the most common type). Drinking a good cup of black tea helps in weight control. It’s best to use it half an hour later after consuming a meal. 

  1. White tea 

People with a developed taste for white tea are aware of the health benefits of consuming homemade herbal tea for weight loss. 

The best part of consuming white tea is that its unique properties prevent the growth of new fat cells which enhances the body’s metabolism. Food nutrients easily break down and a regular exercise slash white tea makes up for the perfect weekday combo. The chemical in white tea also protects your skin from suntan, an added bonus, so you can have more energy and your inner layer of protection against sun-induced stress!

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  1. Ashwagandha tea 

What could be better thanhomemade herbal tea for weight loss? This Indian herb is extracted safely from the plants so that it can fulfill its journey i.e. act as weight loss indicator.  This tea is the generic reason for stress level reduction and acts as a “havoc” for your waistline! So when you seek to find effective homemade remedies for weight loss add Ashwagandha tea in your least of items too. 

The increased inflammation levels in your body can be a reason behind a constant weight gain. So a herbal tea that is said to be tied with helping diabetes, heart disease, and weight loss is a one drink solution for many.

  1. Oolong tea 

Another best herbal tea for weight loss includes Oolong tea. A popular in-demand Japanese version of ta prevents the fat cells from gaining much body space, hence it reduces the fat absorption rapidly. 

An interesting discovery highlighted that Oolong tea consists of the polymerized polyphenols (antioxidants) that are the secret reason behind absorbing the fat. So if you drink Oolong tea at least once a week, your body will reduce up to 20% body fat! 

This is pretty amazing, isn’t it? Also, you have the added benefit of fighting the blood pressure. 

How to make herbal tea for weight loss?

The herbal tea recipes are about taking the right measurements and precise ingredients. The most basic and a proper way to prepare herbal tea for weight loss include;

  • Boiling water. It doesn’t matter whether you use a tea kettle or pan, boil the water until the bubbles start appearing. 
  • Place the herbs/tea leaves. Put them in the kettle/pan and let it steep anywhere from 5-15 minutes. Don’t steep herbs for too long, it may make the tea taste bitter. 
  • No sugar!

The last step is eminent but if you can’t resist the taste just a pinch would do the trick too.