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What Are The Health Benefits Of Herbal Tea?

Health Benefits Of Herbal Tea

Who doesn’t love tea? All the tea lovers around the world know that every tea tastes differently. This means whether you are trying English Breakfast Tea or a Milk-infused tea like they do in Asian Pacific countries, each has a peculiar test.

You can drink tea all day long, especially those who are addicted to it cannot resist an aromatic cup of tea. Besides the regular teas, herbal teas are said to be most nutritious not only for your health but also for your mental wellbeing. Herbal teas are a great source as a substitute for coffee. Especially if you plan to switch on changing your eating lifestyle, an addition of herbal tea can do you many favors in the long run.

The origin of Herbal Tea

You’d be surprised to learn this, herbal teas are not actually extracted from plants. They are extracted from herbs, flowers, and roots from all over the world. For instance, if you drink a jasmine green tea, it is extracted from the jasmine flower. The use of herbs is quite ancient, you can trace the roots back to Ancient Egypt and China.

Back in the old days, it was one of the most effective remedies for various diseases. Even in modern days, herbal teas are said to give relief from stress and so on.

Why the Herbal Tea instead of Caffeinated drinks?

For starters, teas have nutritional value (as all tea lovers know this), they produce short-term and long-run benefits. Sometimes even physicians recommend soothing teas for a stomachache. Especially during pregnancy ginger tea is said to be a lot helpful with morning sickness! So yes, herbal teas are much better than carbonated drinks, and here are the top benefits of herbal teas you can relate to;

1.      Defense mechanism against cold and flu

Ah! The weather is changing and autumn is just around the corner and soon the chills of winter will begin. But wait! Do I hear you sneeze? Oh my, my! You need an herbal tea right away. The best home remedy to fight cold is to take warm sips of herbal tea. They are not only effective in treating a blocked nose but also helps to reduce symptoms of asthma too. So if you ever suffer through a cold, remember to take a good dose of herbal tea right away. It will open the nasal passage and will help with upcoming nausea too. 

2. Digestion problem resolved 

One of the oldest tricks in the books is how fast you can digest the food. Sadly, not everyone has a healthy metabolism. Herbal teas are best to solve digestion problems. Imagine if you have can be irritating a lot right? Herbal teas are known to improve digestion. It not only breakdowns the fats but also speeds up metabolism. 

To improve digestion, you can try various herbal teas like dandelion, cinnamon, peppermint, or mint tea. To bring out the best flavor you need to let the water steep so that tea leaves can are easily infused in warm water. 

3. Say hello to the immune system 

Once you improve your digestion, you automatically advance towards the boost in the immune system. It’s no surprise that the antioxidants and vitamins in herbal tea are beneficial to fight against the outer attacks by antibodies. The antibodies attack our immune system but with some good old herbal remedy, you can easily overcome any weakness. 

Moreover, herbals teas are a drinkable way to avoid oxidative stress, and also lowers the possibility o chronic disease. To boost your immune system you can try elderberry, echinacea, or ginger tea. These are easily available in the market. 

4.  Inflammation control 

With age, people suffer through various diseases. Arthritis is one of the worst diseases to suffer through old age. A daily dose of herbal tea in your adult life can prove to be beneficial to help with arthritis. 

According to stats, herbal tea has proven to be really helpful in reducing joint pains, swelling, and other sorts of inflammation too. It’s the best reliever you can ever imagine. People who have trouble performing daily physical activities due to muscular pain or have a hard time moving around should try drinking a cup daily. 

5. Favors anti-aging!

This one is the most eye-catching benefit of drinking herbal tea right? Imagine if you could reverse your aging process or at least slow it down? Its possible, thanks to a variety of herbal teas that detoxifies toxins from your body and leaves behind a younger-looking and fresh skin. 

Because the antioxidants not only act as pacifiers for your intestines it also aids in the skin healing process. Also, it helps the skin to regenerate faster by preventing free racial damage. So if you want to opt for a product to make you feel and look younger then its the most organic way to do so. 

6. Get rid of stress

The one thing that every person needs to avoid is stress. Herbal teas have certain properties that calm your inner turmoil, soothes the anxiety. Insomnia is common among people, so you can look forward to a good night’s sleep if you adapt a herbal tea to your nutrition list. Usually, Chamomile tea is considered as the best remedy for stress relief and help you to have a proper sleep too. 

Because of the comforting effect, you can say that herbal teas act as anti-depressants too. So yes, if you feel a bout of depression is on its way it’s time for you to chill and drink herbal tea. 

Drink away the good loss 

Herbals teas are one of the best concoctions you must try. Once you make it a part of your life, you can enjoy a lot of healthy benefits from controlling blood pressure to solving constipation issues to healthy and glowing skin. So what do you think? Are you ready to take a delicious sip of good ol’ herbal tea? We sure are!