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Organic Goodness in Bottle of Bitter Sweet Herbals

Bitter Sweet Herbals

Changing an unhealthy lifestyle is possible with the organic supplies for detox made available by Bitter Sweet Herbals. The cost-effective bundle packs of Immune System Booster, Full Body Detox, Carbon C7, and Seamoss Gel and Tablets are enough to turn your world as a detox therapy for your body. Bitter Sweet Herbals proud itself to address the serious immunity and detox concerns and benefits the clients’ organic benefits. Made with 100% genuine ingredients and organic herbs, the detox treatment by Bitter Sweet Herbals guarantees a safe passage with quality results.

Seamoss Gel & Tablets

Seamoss is an herbal supplement containing 92 of the 102 minerals that our bodies need, making seamoss a multi-mineral supplement. 

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