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Bundle Pack

Bundle Pack - Full Body Detox + Immune System Booster + Carbon C7
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In stock - Super Bundle Pack - Tea's & Capsules
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In stock- Bundle Pack Capsules
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1. Full Body Detox: 
The full body detox contains 24 native and indigenous herbs. The full body detox is designed to reduce and remove inflammation and mucus build up in all 12 systems of the body. This tonic is a detox, a blood purifier helps with constipation, arthritis, hypertension, diabetes and much more.

2. Immune System Booster:
The immune system booster contains 7 native and indigenous herbs. This tonic is designed to give the body the immune system a booster. The immune system booster is high in plant-based iron, which is an essential mineral for the immune system. The immune system booster is also a blood purifier and cleanser

3. Carbon C7:
It contains 7 native and indigenous herbs. Carbon is a key component in the human body. The carbon C7 is designed to hydrate the endocrine system by bringing balance, to imbalanced hormones.